Spanish speaking PR

The Spanish-speaking world is an extremely lucrative one for any business to tap into and more and more companies are increasingly focusing their attention on this enormous market.

Today there are more than 500 million native Spanish speakers and this figure is set to rise dramatically over the next few decades, with Spanish expected to be the first language of half of the population of the United States alone within 50 years.

The spending power of the Spanish-speaking world is also set to rocket skywards. At Prior Consultancy, by using our extensive market knowledge and unmatched media contacts in the Spanish-speaking world, we’ve become global specialists in producing and implementing cross-border communication strategies, allowing your brand to be represented consistently and innovatively between both the English and Spanish-speaking markets.

In short, we know what works in London might not work in Lima, what’s effective in Brussels might be a ‘lead balloon’ in Bogata, and what causes a stir in Manchester might cause offence in Madrid.

Our experience, local knowledge and international presence makes Prior Consultancy your one point of contact across multiple Spanish-speaking countries and can bridge the gap between English and Spanish campaigns.
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